At Kirkland’s, we want you to find the pieces that make a house a home. Not just the right color or style, but real things that give you that happy feeling. Whether your house is big or small. Old or new. White or blue. Fill it with love and things that make you smile.
Because we believe a happy home is a beautiful home.


  • We believe a happy home is a beautiful home.
  • We believe our best brings out the best in others.
  • We believe happy should be within everyone’s reach.
  • We believe small details do big things.
  • We believe real is beautiful.
  • We believe in putting welcome mats out for everyone.
  • We believe there are blue skies ahead.

What makes a happy home?

A happy home doesn’t have one meaning, it’s something different to everyone. Here’s how some of our employees described a happy home and how Kirkland’s helps bring happiness home.


Email Campaign Specialist

"A happy home to me means being with the people I love in a space where we all feel welcome."


Store Manager

"We take the time to get to know customers and create an in store experience for them. It’s this experience that helps set us apart and can really bring happiness home for our customers."



"The home has never been more central to an individual’s expression on who they are and what they stand for than what it is today."


Associate Buyer

"I work to choose products that I believe wholeheartedly in and will make other people happy."